Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Princess of the Day: Kim Cattrall

The 53-year-old Sex and the City 2 star refused to pose with a cougar for the cover of a magazine aimed at older women, and then the magazine took the cover away from her. "I felt it was derogatory," she said. "There is nothing predatory about a woman of a certain age. When I go out, younger men are after me."

Tell it, Kim. I've always hated that label.

Yes, my husband is 9 1/2 years younger than me.


  1. Yay!

    (My boyfriend is 7 years younger than me.)

  2. Yay is right!

    My boyfriend is also 7 years younger than me.)

  3. My boyfriend is *also* 7 years younger than me.

    I'm hoping Cattrall's continued va-va-voomness comes with her name.

  4. Christina that's fantastic! I would also love to hear about your relationship - I know, super personal but I've always been intrigued by the woman/younger man dynamic. Society seems so accepting of older man/younger woman but not the other way around. I hope you don't mind me asking!!

  5. The term "Cougar" just bugs the crap out of me. Go, Kim! A deserving princess of the day.