Monday, May 17, 2010

Overheard on the checkout line at CVS

As I waited to pay for my razor blades and Goldfish, a 20-something guy, holding a copy of In Touch, said to his female companion: "You have so many magazines to show you how to be a woman, but there are only like 2 to show you how to be a man." He seemed irritated.


  1. You mean I can stop trying to teach my daughter how to be a woman and just throw her some issues of In Touch & Cosmo? Sweet!

    (loved Sassy, love you)


  2. Yet another great reason to hate women. Women have so many more examples that show you how short you fall from the ideal than we do. We want to have impossible masculine ideals shoved in our faces too! Wah!

    Though I have to say, masculinity is a shit bag of mixed messages, mostly about how you should be even more of a misogynist or else women won't like you. Men worship masculinity while it pees all over them, but they think it's OK, as long as there are plenty of women under them to catch the runoff.

    Oh, I'm a little ray of sunshine, ain't I though?

  3. And In Touch is one of them??????

  4. He clearly doesn't spend enough time browsing the magazine rack. They are catching very quickly.

  5. Too funny.

    Christina -- I was a Sassy reader back in the day. I am too happy to find your blog. I'd be honored if you checked mine out, too.

  6. Well, considering those two manly magazines seem to be primarily concerned with teaching you how to be a total asshat, I can see how he might be irritated.

    (As opposed to the wonderful gender-cultural guidance offered by InTouch, of course.)