Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little diversity, please?

I hesitate to post this, because I know there's something vaguely disturbing about a person my age watching Gossip Girl. (I'm 48 1/2, if you must know; my half birthday was on March 15.)
But could they get at least one average-sized girl on that show? Bring back Hillary Duff. This was my thought last night as I watched Jenny's shoulder bones jutting frighteningly.


  1. Shame on me for not even thinking about that. I watch it for its ridiculous, voyeuristic thrill - it's like trashy fiction for people MY age, really (I'm also too old.)

    I think Vanessa is supposed to "pass" as average. So yes, maybe we should triple dog dare the producers to cast someone who's a size 12.

  2. I think Leighton Meester (Blaire) is also pretty normal looking. Her cheeks are cheeky and she has some meat on her legs. Some more racial diversity would be nice though.

    I would be happy if they dressed "Serena" a bit more chic. She started out chic and has morphed into some trashy Real Housewives of Orange County look. We get it. You have boobs. They age her 20 years with these get-ups.

  3. I also have to add, Leighton Meester looked meaty enough.

    I like her for that.

  4. But if they brought Hilary Duff back, you'd have to put up with her chipmunk voice and spectrum of 3 facial expressions...is seeing an "average-sized" girl really worth that? Leighton Meester is a much better actress and does not have jutting bones- she's easily the best thing about the show.

  5. I read an article once comparing the girls of Gossip Girl to the girls of 90210: the repeat. I admit, I am in my late 20s and I will never, no matter what kind of exercise I do, look like Leighton Meester or Blake Lively, however I much prefer their boobs and hips and Leighton's cheeks to 90210: the repeat's skeletal frames. The article stated that GG had to have "curvier" girls to give authenticity to the East Coast feel, while 90210 girls were "Hollywood" framed. Apparently us East Coast girls are HUGE compared to California girls...