Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Before You Were Hot

Some friends from my ELLEgirl days have started a new blog, Before You Were Hot. They are seeking pictures of your awkward years, such as when you played in marching band, wore braces and were plagued by cystic acne. Now as fond as I am of Anne Ichikawa and Melissa Walker (who also publish the awesome I Heart Daily), and as much as I want to help the new ventures of friends, I will not be participating.

Here's why. Whenever I look at pictures of my young self, I think, wow, I was actually kind of cute! And I had no idea! Even if I did have some bad spiral perms, crazy outfits and garish makeup. I was way prettier at 16 (in Landlubber overalls) or 23 (with crazy asymmetrical bob) than I am now, at age 48 1/2. I mean, you get to an age where the pictures of yourself in high school--it's almost as if they are not even you. It's like, look at that cute little girl! I half-remember her. Perhaps Melissa and Anne should start a companion blog, Before You Were Old. Then I could play.

P.S. When I am 68 1/2, maybe I will peruse the pictures from now, and think, hmm, not so bad. That is the only thing that keeps me from burning some of them.


  1. This reminds me of this old blog post from Superhero Journal.


    "You'll never look as good as you do right at this moment!"

    It is SO difficult to believe that.

  2. Oh Christina, you are my favourite person I have never met in the whole world.

  3. Thanks, Megan, I enjoyed that post. And thank you Isabel!

  4. Nice post - you're so right - I'll keep reading to see what other insights you have. www.mystudioview.com

  5. Too true. If only I appreciated my 18 year old thighs... but I was too busy thinking I was fat and feeling selfconscious.

  6. Hi, die-hard Sassy fan here (that magazine meant everything to me when I was a teenager). I could not agree more with you. It breaks my heart to look at pictures of myself when I was younger, because I was so hard on myself--I thought I was so ugly and weird looking, and now I just see a cute little girl who had no reason to be so self-conscious. I want to hug my younger self and tell her to be more loving with herself, that she looks fine. I'm much, much, much happier in my skin now, thank God.