Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did You Watch Glee Last Night?

I was really happy with the way they handled the body image issue. OK, I am a sucker, and such a sap that I cry at credit card commercials. But I was choked up during the scene where Quinn helped Mercedes in the nurse's office after Mercedes passed out from starving herself. When Quinn talked about pregnancy changing her relationship to food, it really resonated for me. I will say there were some off moments, but I'll take the good with the bad. And I was verklempt when Mercedes sang Beautiful.


  1. I agree, they did such a great job of handling a sensitive subject. I've loved the transformation that Quinn's had since she found out she was pregnant.

  2. That whole episode turned me into a soggy mess. Her version of Beautiful was so vulnerable and sweet, and I just hurt for Kurt right now. Glee is starting to give me that "Augh this is making me remember how bad high school feels" gut thing that I used to get while watching Freaks And Geeks.

  3. I got teary-eyed too! One of my favorite moments of the show so far.