Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Editor-in-Chief Haiku

Must appear on Extra
Starlet's eating disorder
There's a zit on my chin

The 1994 Fallen Princess included three truly inspired freelance haiku by Kim France. I have asked her to write some editor-in-chief haiku chronicling her experiences at Lucky. So far, nothing. I wish all the editors-in-chief would write haiku for me. Particularly Cyndi Leive, the editor of Glamour, who makes it look easy, and trust me, it's not, especially if you have little kids at home. So come on ladies, dig deep into the wellspring of ennui caused by budget meetings, newsstand consultants, advertisers' stupid demands and the general collapse of the publishing industry. It will be cathartic, if not job-preserving


  1. Music Editor Haiku

    Stone Temple Pilots
    Why do you still haunt my world?
    We're better than this.