Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tonight's Episode of Glee

I'll rocket right past the obvious here, which is that Will Schuester is dreamy (Justin Timberlake crossed with Gene Kelly). Why don't they have him sing and dance more? Does anyone prefer Finn's squinty-eyed singing and hunched-over dancing? I've never before seen a teen show where the tv crush just has to bypass the youngsters and land on the teacher.

I like the way Brittany is developing. She's the stupid blonde cheerleader. She has learned to deliver her lines really deadpan, in an extremely low voice. It makes it seem as if she's in on the joke, like dumb and smart are just two sides of the same coin. Her best lines tonight: "Rachel's sweaters make her look like she's home-schooled" and "Do you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" With an emphatic nod. Hilarious.


  1. I agree, Brittany really came into her own this episode! The relationship between her and Santana is the perfect combination of stupid and bitchy. I loved the episode - I've got a recap at my blog, Couchtime With Jill, if you want to check it out.

  2. Watched my first ep of Glee last night, and although i'm still not conviced, I was floored with Brittany's delivery of the line: "There was a mouse in mine." She rules.

  3. I ADORE BRITTANY. that is all.

  4. I just found your blog Christina after going on a whole Sassy-nostalgia trip around the web and to find you again AND to find out that you love Glee truly warms my heart. I guess there was a reason I always felt like you could be my cool older sister way back in the Sassy-day.
    Anyway, I have to agree that Will Schuester is the hottest guy on the show - swoon worthy.