Friday, April 30, 2010

Life With a 7-year-old Fashionista

My daughter, Violet, is totally obsessed with her clothes. If she doesn't like what she is wearing she is prone to histrionics. And what garments does Violet favor? Don't ask me. It's an ever-changing, unmeasurable, unknowable quantity. Her favorite color is pink one day and black the next. I truly believe she is a future fashion editor.

Getting ready for the bus is a special experience. I allow her the freedom to choose whatever outfit she wants, but I would like her to dress for the weather. She often appears wearing a miniskirt, jeweled gold sandals and a tank top when it is 34 with the wind chill. And mommy don't play that.

I think this is inborn. I have never truly been a fashion person, though I love fashion, edited a fashion magazine and have been to fashion week in Paris twice. That was pretty sweet. These days, my style is 80 percent suburban housewife (corduroys and cardigans), with a splash of aging hipster (crazy glasses) and a dollop of "Mommy Drinks" (my ancient leopardskin coat, which you'll pry from my cold, dead hands). So she's not getting it from me.


  1. Do what my mother used to do: off-season clothes get put in plastic bins which are stored in the basement or attic. There was no access to certain clothing items until she deemed it seasonally appropriate. Frustrating, but it worked.

  2. Remember those red shoes from Paris, though? That was a fashionista moment!