Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Friday

Oh. My. God. I have always loved "Hello It's Me" by Todd Rundgren, but I had never before seen this 1973 performance on The Midnight Special. Boy am I happy to have stumbled on it when I got the urge to hear this song, right after I had the urge to hear The Fifth Dimension's "Wedding Bell Blues," which was inspired by Miss Pillsbury's rendition on Glee this week. There's a little taste of why my book remains unwritten.

Todd's look here is one of the sweetest I have ever seen in my life. The feathers over the eyebrows, the sort of winged suspenders, his dental deformity--I totally am a goner. Wait, I need to get another hit. Okay, I am back. Are his roots blue, or is it just the lighting? Because his fingertips look blue at one point. I completely support this fashion originality, and I hope Todd brings it to his upcoming shows at the City Winery.  My only complaint with this video, besides the subpar quality, is that there is not enough Todd. Less of the white grand piano, more feathery sweetness! Why the shot of the piano innards? More Todd!!


  1. christina, you are too damn funny.

    the little fist pump (fist-wave?) at the end is really cute too!

  2. Oh. This is a beautiful thing, right here.

    1. Thanks! I like your blog about Miss Pillsbury.

  3. Love Todd, love this blog. To see the two together? As pleasantly surprising as feathers on eyebrows. (And may there ALWAYS be more Todd.)