Monday, January 23, 2012

The Princess Recommends...

I am so into this Old Chatham Sheepherding Company yogurt, which is creamy and yummy and provides 32% of your daily calcium. Yeah, calcium content excites me, especially since my mother cracked a vertebrae and suffers from debilitating back pain.  I am trying to avoid such a future, or at last postpone it. I also enjoy Total, Brown Cow and Siggi's, which is an Icelandic yogurt called Skyr that has elevated calcium levels. But this one is the most delicious. It's expensive, but the Princess' bone density is worth it, no? I gots to get myself back to Whole Foods for some more. Speaking of Whole Foods, I read about "Whole Foods Parking Lot" in yesterday's NYT, watched the video, and laughed my ass off. It's old (came out in June 2011), but so am I. Some guy takes the piss out of uptight Prius drivers getting aggro by the quinoa.

I like when this guy says "then I take it to the cheese counter."  And "pay my 80 bucks for 6 things and get the heck out. The express line is moving hella slow." I drove my family crazy all day reciting from and riffing on the video: "I'm going to take it to the stove now to make the ginger chicken;" "You're doing that homework hella slow;" etc. I amuse myself. The video takes place in LA, but things get just as real in the Montclair Whole Foods parking lot, post yoga.You don't want to be around me when my blood sugar is low.


  1. I liked the profile of this guy in the NYT a couple days ago -- he did a Hyundai commercial as his DJ Dave character and people are all YOU SELLOUT! But he does music for commercials for a LIVING; his response was "I sold out so long ago I'm trying to sell back IN at this point."

  2. Those guys have a follow-up that my East Bay-dwelling sister just sent me - "Berkeley Enough." Especially funny if you've ever been to Berkeley, but it will resonate with Montclairians/Maplewoodites/Park Slopers as well. Keepin' it real, in the queue line for Cheese Board artisanal pizza...

    1. Thanks, P, they also have one called "Yoga Girl," which was why the NYT wrote about them. And now, I must do my French homework, avoidance of which is the whole reason I wrote this post.