Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nicaraguan Fresca

My husband went to Nicaragua last month and augmented his usual cache of souvenirs (the hotel toiletry samples) with some elusive Nicaraguan Fresca. For those who didn't read my Memorial Day weekend post about Fresca, I'm obsessed. Please read it. Also, leave a comment.

Anyway, the Nicaraguan Fresca has sugar in it, and when I tasted it, it reminded me a bit of this Alka Seltzer with Lemon that I used to take when I had the flu. It didn't have the pleasing artificial bite of the American version. I quite like the can design though.

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been so depressed that no one from Fresca's marketing department has contacted me about sponsoring Fallen Princess. It's been hard to focus, frankly. Also, the room where my computer is has been at a steady temperature of 150 degrees.


  1. Yum yum! I do love Fresca. (Have you tried it with gin in it? Double yum.) I also second the artificial bite of US Fresca over sweetened versions. :)

  2. First, know that entirely because of your earlier post I have been regularly buying Fresca--a favourite of my youth. The Canadian version is the same as the US, in case you were wondering.
    Second, I love Alka Seltzer Cold! It is the only thing that works. Alas, it is not available in Canada (I am a recent transplant), so I have to remember to stock up next time I am in the states. Thanks for the reminder.
    Third, we have missed you, so thanks for posting!

  3. You inspired me to create my new summer drink -- Fresca, grapefruit and a shot of rum! Yum!

    I tried vodka first, but I just wasn't feeling it. But your inspiration is getting me through my summer law school class (to be clear -- I'm drinking AFTER class, not during).

  4. that should read "grapfruit juice"

    I will now cut myself off for the evening. :)

  5. Hi Christina,

    I was happy to find your blog. I started one this spring, having written (for Sassy) in a previous life before motherhood.
    We're living in Alabama now, where I am a fan of the taco truck, which also sells Mexican soda, Jarritos, which has a grapefruit flavor, that I love.
    All best,
    Rebecca (Moore)

  6. I'm sorry you have been depressed. I had Fresca for the first time since I was a child a few years back when I was a contributing editor at a Certain Conde Nast Publication. I often developed headaches at meetings! A highly-placed exec got me a Fresca from some secret stash only available to those high on the masthead and like magic, my headache was gone. Over the years this was a little ritual: The magazine would give me a headache, and the editor would give me a Fresca. Those days are gone but lo, today I had a headache and many other woes. On a whim, or perhaps to aid in a part of my psyche that Aims to Be Like Christina Kelly, I got a Fresca! But it didn't relieve my headache, which can only lead me to conclude that publishing, and all its magic, is truly dead. The end.

  7. Please write more Christina. Have you considered a laptop to take to another, cooler area of your home? Perhaps if Fresca sponsered you, you could invest in a laptop. :)

  8. Yes, please write more; I waited 20 years for this blog. I will write Fresca on your behalf if necessary.

  9. I would've commented sooner, heck, I even tried to do so, but couldn't since I didn't have a google account and needed one to leave a comment. But I love you so much, I set up an account. I joined *just* to leave you comments! I'm positive I'm not the only one who wanted to comment but couldn't.

    Your post about your Dad made me cry. I have the same type of "I love you" situation that you have. The "I love yous" aren't said, but man is that love fierce, esp with my dad. My mom started saying "I love you" to my brother and me in our 20's but it felt so weird and forced hearing it/saying it after so many years. I always thought we were the only family who didn't have the "I love yous" flowing verbally freely, glad I'm not alone. Funny thing is, I say it constantly to my kids. I can't imagine not. After reading your post I thought what I always do about my parents, "They must live forever." How can I ever deal with them not being here?

    Ok, on to Fresca. Fresca owes you big time. Since your original post about it, I think I've bought 10 boxes of the stuff. LOVE it! And I hadn't drank vodka in about 10 years, but vodka owes you, too, since I went out and bought some for my favorite "Mama Needs a Cocktail" cocktail.

    About the right turn on red. I had no idea it was optional and people who don't turn right on red when they can drive me nuts. I'll try to be more patient, but no guarantees. People who don't signal also drive me nuts--you can often hear me yell out in the car "Signals aren't optional!!" Those, I know, aren't optional, but at least half the world thinks they are. My kids will always use their signals thanks to my tirades (that or they'll totally not do it just to spite their koo koo mother).

    I look forward to many more posts from you. Sassy was my bible way back when. As I almost hit 40, I need you now Christina!

    Your friend in the other Montclair,


  10. Hi guys! Thanks everyone. I've been away on a lovely technology free vacation in the cool mountains breathing fresh air and engaging in wholesome activities like square dancing and lake swimming. I plan to be back blogging shortly. I appreciate all the encouragement!

  11. My personal Fresca is called Cheerwine. Truly nectar of the gods.