Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ladies, My Summer Excitement Dress Has Arrived!

It's Madewell's "High Summer" dress. They run small, fyi, so order up.


  1. I went to Madwell's website to look at this dress. I would look great in this style dress. You say they run small, so, as a woman who stands just shy of 6 feet, is of Germanic proportions (not the Claudia Schiffer kind) and who works out a lot, I would most likely need an XL. They don't make it in an XL. They DO make it in an XS. Apparently I am a freak of nature for these damn clothing companies. I suppose, like April Flores at American Apparel, I am not Madwell's demographic. And I wear a 10/12. Sigh.

  2. That sucks, Margaretta. They need to make the XL.

  3. Madewell finally has an online store! JOY!!