Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Small Parenting Victory

My daughter doesn't know who Kim Kardashian is.

"Mommy, who is Kim Kardashian?" she asked. "Is she a tennis player?"

My husband and I high-fived each other with our brains, and said in unison, "No, honey, you must mean Kim Clijsters." We went on about how admirable Clijsters is. "She is a professional tennis player and a mom, and she retired for the second time this year." (The second sentence was not spoken in unison.)

Yay, Kim Clijsters!
We never even had to explain anything about the Kim whose name we do not speak.

She'll find out eventually, but not from us. 

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  1. The other day I overheard my almost five year old son and two of his buddies (one boy, one girl) discussing how much they love Justin Bieber. I was, of course, horrified, and felt like a failure for not sheltering him better. As their conversation progressed, I realized they thought that "Justin Bieber" was the name of a chicken in an animated movie. I've never felt such relief.