Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kim France Blog Alert!

This is exciting. Kim France has a new blog, Girls of a Certain Age. She is the founding editor of Lucky, and an excellent journalist. Back in the day, Kim was a colleague of mine at Sassy. I italicize Sassy, because I was raised to italicize magazine names, even though copy editors have informed me that AP style leaves magazine names in roman type, indistinguishable from the surrounding verbiage. This seems a mark of disrespect; in light of the internet beat down that magazines have been taking, I will continue to italicize in deference to their once mighty reign. But I digress.

I italicize colleague because it was a word Kim liked to say back at Sassy--correctly, to refer to writers with whom she would fraternize and discuss important writer matters.  I inexplicably found her use of the word colleague hilarious. Poor Kim. I even wrote a little item discussing that she was wont to use proper English. We printed it with a fetching photo of Kim. I don't think she minded; she had it framed, and it sat on a shelf in her apartment, as I recall.

Anyway, check out the blog! It's for older ladies, but anyone will find it entertaining and diverting.

Off you go.


  1. i'm checking it out right now! :)


  2. I love Kim France! Kim France pants! Remember those?

  3. Wahaha. I do hope she write an entire article about her famous pants!

  4. This IS exciting! When Kim Gordon said that reading Sassy was like reading something by your cool older sister she hit the nail on the head. I'm so glad you guys keep yourselves accessible via the internet. It's like reading updates from old friends that you actually still have stuff in common with.