Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mommy, why do women wear bras?

When Violet missed the bus this morning, I threw on a thin t-shirt and yoga pants to run her over to school in the car. I did not have time to put on a bra, because my kids both have a deathly fear of being "tardy." I think it is the old-fashioned formality of the word, or perhaps the desire to be punctual is genetic (paternally).

Driving at my usual glacial pace, I wondered aloud whether I should do the car line, or park and walk to the door. I dislike the car line, but with the principal standing in front of the school, should I really saunter up braless?

"Mommy, why do women wear bras?" asked Violet.

"That's a good question." I answered.  "I think because society expects women to wear bras."

"But why?" she persisted.

"I guess people don't want to see women's breasts bouncing all over the place." There was no other way to say it.

Violet found this hilarious. I parked and walked her to the door, because my bosom is not so remarkable that anyone would really notice that I didn't have a bra on. Or at least that's what I choose to believe. She was not tardy.

Then I came home and read The New York Times article about the fashion expectations for city moms at drop-off, and I was thankful once again to be suburban


  1. ok-so here in Glendale Arizona, bra's are optional when it's 120 degrees. Dressing is so casual here even in the fine dining area that I wish I lived on the East Coast where people dress so much "cooler". Hee Hee. Thanks for the funny post! mary

  2. "PEOPLE don't want to see women's breasts bouncing all over the place??" Christina, I'm shocked at your cluelessness. You of all people.

    There is not a straight man on earth who can handle the presence of a braless woman with the most microscopic crumb of nonchalance or maturity. Any man who says different is a liar; and he too bites his hand the moment you pass by to suppress the giddy loin-lift he got just getting a little peek.

    ALL MEN love to see a braless woman's breasts bouncing around. No matter how evolved the man, he becomes de-evolved in that moment. And small braless breasts are incredibly great and the best thing ever too. (See, I can't even handle composing a mature sentence about it.) So, I'm sorry, women. It sorta sucks that you can't just be free in that sense. We try to be discreet and cool about it, but it's a lie of an effort.

    Bralessness: Looks great, feels great, everyone loves it. That's what I've always said. (I am clearly not all that evolved. But that doesn't negate for a second what I said above.)

  3. I've got used to go braless while breastfeeding my daughter, and I still can't wear it on a regular basis (only when I go working - I'm a high school teacher, and a bra at school is mandatory). I've got small breasts, so I think it's not so important to wear a bra when I'm at home or when I take B to preschool.

    As for other moms at drop-off, thank God there's no pressure: I live in an out-of-this-world hilly area and most of moms opt for a practical/comfy style. Yes, some of them sport high-heeled shoes or boots, but nothing intimidating. As for me, I usually wear joga pants or tracksuit pants or terrycloth pants, a sweater and a t-shirt. Kids are galvanized when I wear a rock t-shirt: they seem to love the gory imagery on Iron Maiden or Metallica t-shirt, but they also seem to appreciate Nirvana's winged In Utero woman.