Thursday, June 2, 2011

More from Christina "No Such Thing as Too Much Information" Kelly*

Today on xojane, I provide sordid details of my misspent youth. Here are some bonus photos from that era, for FP readers only. That's quite a look I was working. I do realize that one picture is facing the wrong way, but I am too lazy to rescan it. The guy I am with was my boyfriend for the entire weekend that photo was taken. I don't remember his last name. But I hope you don't mind, Ron, wherever you are.

*As I was once identified in Bitch Magazine


  1. Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing :)

    Btw, were you wearing polka dot tulle gloves in one of the pics? I've never had the guts to wear them (but I like wearing crocheted lace gloves, when I'm in a May Welland mood).

  2. Totally. I would never wear them now, of course, but lots of girls wore them in 1985.

  3. you know...I always, always wanted hair like that.

  4. I so stinking miss big hair. I feel I was completely ripped off by graduating high school in 1990. Just when I started getting income to buy the styling products I NEEDED for big hair, grunge and flat hair came into style.

    I need big hair to come back one more time so I can do it right before I start going gray.

  5. I so would have hit it. (Sorry Dalton.)

    Ron looks like Ron!