Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My first post for xojane is up!

Click here to read it. Thanks.


  1. Seriously, I was actually JUST wondering if you'd be writing for xoJane!! SO HAPPY that you are. Also, as a city person who just had a baby and am considering moving to the 'burbs, I'm extra glad you wrote that.

  2. Eeeee! I was hoping! I was hoping you'd be involved in that project.

  3. I was totally hoping that you would be involved, too. Great post and awesome site. My BF and I live in the city but have discussed the possibility of the 'burbs for the future. Also, most of us are products of the suburbs and we still turned out to be cool. Right?

    PS Have you considered having a second (public) Twitter acct? I just joined a few weeks ago but was disappointed that your tweets are private.

  4. My comment is completely unrelated to this post; rather it is in response to your TODAYMoms post "Why I hate my daughters sexy shirt." I don't have a facebook account and thus I could not comment there. Anyhow, I find it extremely difficult to take this post seriously as you have worked as an editor for ym and ElleGirl!!! Are you kidding me, you have worked for publications that promote AND contribute to the sexualization of younger and younger girls! Seems a little hypocritical, doesn't?

  5. Sarah, the magazines I worked for were for teenagers. My article is about clothes for 8 year olds. But thanks.

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  7. Ok, first I read your article in oxjane, then I of course I was fascinated to the point that I HAD to find the profile of the Prune chef with the 'slash and burn' tattoo, which will now haunt ME! Do you think anyone got a slash and burn after they read that?