Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Frenchy Fragrance

Fresca season ended on October 1. So I put away my summer perfume, Calyx and have been indulging in my fall favorite, Citrus Allegro by Le Prince Jardinier. Yes, it's citrusy, but it has a more subtle kick than the full-on grapefruit aroma of Calyx. I first found this enchanting scent in Paris about six years ago on a madcap girls' weekend with my friend Gigi. It was being sold at Deyrolle, a shop on the Rue Du Bac which carries taxidermy and educational posters from the 1800s. (I later read about the store and the actual prince who makes the stuff in Vanity Fair.)

This fragrance is perfect. Fresh, yet sophisticated. Not at all ladyish or synthetic. I used to have to go to Paris to restock every time I ran out, but then I discovered that, duh, it is available online.

My current bottle was a birthday gift from my long-suffering husband. I spritz it on and am immediately transported from this N.J. town with a fake French name to, if not Paris, then at least some chic suburb of Paris.

I now resist the urge to say, Voila!


  1. Je t'aime Montclaire.

    And I have to add that I have always LOVED Calyx, but never got it.

  2. I actually can never use any perfume but Chanel n 5. PLus I write a blog about Ladish... haha.

  3. Natassia Lea, while I thank you for your comment (and lord knows this post is woefully undercommented), I must respectfully disagree with your choice of fragrance. While the packing and the legend behind Chanel No. 5 are undoubtedly alluring, have you actually smelled the stuff? It is the most old lady-ish scent out there.