Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Lament of the Chavez Fan, No Longer Young

Hark, ye aging hipsters!
Chavez appears this Friday eve
at the Bowery Ballroom

Those noble lads take me back
To a time of relative youth
Not maidenhood--
Hardly that; but the sweet spot
When freedom was mine
And the world was my oyster

In those days of yore
I would stand on my feet for hours
In a smoky dungeon
To hear their pleasing atonal melodies
(But I would leave when Shellac took the stage;
Even then, I had my limits)

Shall I make the pilgrimage
This Friday eve?
Surely it would keep me out past ten p.m.
And shorten my peaceful slumber.


  1. I advise caution. Last year I went and saw the band of my youth (I'm Canadian), Sloan (who as you may or may not remember were once a Cute Band Alert), in the exact same venue in which I saw them in 1993. I thought it would be nostalgic and fun. As it turned out, it was depressing for all involved, most obviously for the band (who apparently were not too pleased that they were playing the same level of club that they played in 1993). You can't go back.

    That said, if you just want to go, listen, and hang out with no attempt to reclaim your youth, I say go forth. Go forth and rock out past midnight.

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Of course I remember Sloan.

      I think the Chavez show will rock; it's just a matter of me living in NJ, which is awesome except for getting home from Manhattan late at night.And also, let's face it, I'm old.